For Families

Move to Improve as a family! Challenge your mother, father, brother, sister, aunts, uncles, grandparents and anyone else within your family or friend network to be more active. Work together to achieve your goals or if you prefer, you can use Move and Improve as a family competition.

Examples of family types participating in Move and Improve

The “nuclear family”
For families who are a simple nuclear family consisting of parent/s and child/ren may participate together. Parents can role model positive physical activity behaviors through moving to improve. Or the children can lead the charge to get everyone moving.

The “extended” family
Include grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to join you as you all move to improve.

“Interstate” family
For families who have relatives in different states, Move and Improve is a great way to connect with them while doing something together that is beneficial for your health.  For example, I live in Maine, my parents live in Florida we all do Move and Improve as a way to do something healthy together even though we are not “physically” together.

“Friends included” family
Whatever your situation, invite friends to participate and challenge each other to get healthier through physical activity and moving to improve!

Whatever you choose, remember the bottom line is to be more physically active to improve (or maintain) your health and to have fun.

How can my family participate?

You can register each family member individually so everyone has a username and password and would have access to their own personal space in Move an Improve to track their time. Or,

You may create a “Family Site”. In order to do this, one person would need to be the Family Site Coordinator and would register your family team name. Once this is done, everyone in your family could register and link their registration to your family site where your family site coordinator would be able to track your family member’s progress. For more information on how to do this  click here .

Ideas for you and your family to increase physical activity

Every week, schedule time to be active either together or separate in order to meet your goals. Post a family physical activity calendar in high visibility location in the house for all to see, or have everyone post their own Move and Improve Activity Log for all to see and to keep track of your daily/weekly physical activities and achievements. For example:
  • After dinner, go for a walk together
  • If there is television program you enjoy watching together, make it a point during commercials to get up and move (jumping jacks, toe touches, arm circles, anything that gets and keeps you moving)
  • On the weekends, make a plan that includes concentrated physical activity together (i.e. going to the park to “play” in the snow,  find a fun and safe place to go and create an obstacle course together, etc.)
  • Family members at work during the week should schedule time to be active for at least 10 minutes per sessions (go for a walk during breaks, lunch or have walking meetings)
  • Family members at school during the week should focus on physical activity during recess or gym class, before and after school
  • Join an exercise group (perhaps in the community) to acquire new skills, meet new people and be active
  • Use available resources such as jungle gyms at local parks, trails or anything you may have at the home or may borrow from other family members or friends (such as jump ropes, hula hoops, etc.)
  • Walk, walk , walk whenever you can
  • Stairs instead of elevators
  • Park farther away from your destination for more steps
For more ideas on how you and your family can be more active visit 
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