For Business and Government

Move to Improve within your worksite (Business or Government.) This is a FREE physical activity program aimed at encouraging you and your employees to live a healthier lifestyle through “moving to improve!”

Challenge your employees and organization to be more active. Work individually within your worksite  to achieve your goals or offer up a friendly competition through Move and Improve at your worksite to improve your health and the health of your employees.
Why should worksites encourage employees to participate?
Chronic diseases are more prevalent today than ever before in the United States. Employers are spending billions of dollars on health care for their employees due to diseases that can be directly related to physical inactivity (such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and obesity.) Physical activity in the right amounts is highly effective for the prevention, treatment, and management of more than 40 of the most common chronic health conditions (

Employees are working longer during the week in a more sedentary manner than ever before due to technological advances in the workplace. Increased job demands and levels of stress make the need for physical activity in the workplace even more necessary to counter these issues as a coping skill with health benefits.

Employers are faced with a workforce harboring poor health issues that may lead to lower productivity, poor morale, absenteeism (presenteeism) and a higher level of insurance claims all of which effect the bottom line.

Whatever you choose, remember the bottom line is to encourage employees and worksites to be more physically active to improve (or maintain) health and to have fun.

How can my worksite participate?
Move and Improve offers many options for your worksite to participant. The amount of time your site and site coordinator have to implement the program is entirely up to you! The program is structured by having specific goals and timeframes to participate but very flexible in terms of implementation practices.

You can register worksite and encourage employees (and family if desired) to sign up individually so everyone has a username and password and would have access to their own personal space in Move an Improve to track their time. Or, Create a friendly competition through Move and Improve. Depending on the size of your worksite and if you feel your employees would respond to a competition style initiative, you may want to implement an internal competition within your worksite. For example, department against department or have employees create their own teams. In order to do this, one person would need to be the Overall Site Coordinator and each team within the site would have a team captain. Once the site and teams are established, employees and/or families could register and link their registration to your site and then their respective teams. The primary site coordinator would be able to track all team members’ progress while team captains would only be able to view their specific team’s progress. For more information on how to do this  click here  

Ideas for you and your worksite to increase physical activity
Every week, schedule time to be active either together or separate in order to meet your goals. Post a family physical activity calendar in high visibility location in the house for all to see, or have everyone post their own Move and Improve Activity Log for all to see and to keep track of your daily/weekly physical activities and achievements.

For example:
  • Create walking clubs to meet before, during or after work
  • Mark and measure paths around your work environment 
  • Offer flex time for physical activity during the day
  • Walk, walk , walk whenever you can
  • Having “walking” meetings
  • Stairs instead of elevators
  • Park farther away from your destination for more steps
  • Ask your employee wellness group to organize physical activity events 
  • Offer pedometers to employees to track their steps
  • Use the Move and Improve Activity Log to track activity