What is Move and Improve

Move and Improve of EMHS is a community-based program designed to encourage and empower individuals to engage in a healthier lifestyle through physical activity. Move and Improve provides a supportive environment focused on promoting the benefits of physical activity as a way to combat health risks linked to chronic disease and obesity. Move and Improve is a 12-week program designed to encourage participants to increase the amount of physical activity that is engaged in on a daily/weekly basis. 

  • The program is FREE, there is no cost associated with joining the program
  • All ages and organizations (work sites, school sites, government sites, etc.) are welcome to join the program
  • Registered participants have access to an online activity log to help track activity
  • Anyone, regardless of registration status will have the opportunity to sign up for the weekly newsletters filled with fit tips, quotes, articles, etc. that is offered every week for the duration of the program
  • Move and Improve is designed to allow participants to engage in the program independently or they can link their registration with a registered site 
  • As an online program, Move and Improve has the ability to reach individuals from all corners of the state of Maine, from North to South, East to West and all areas in between. We have also gone nationwide and international
  • The 2017 program (scheduled to begin February 26, 2017) marks the beginning of our 21st year