From a Move and Improve Participant
I have completed 12-weeks, with an average of 6 days per week and >45 minutes per day.  I had a personal goal of losing 20 pounds and I lost 18.  I have gone from a size 14 pant to a 10.  I feel better and am very proud of myself.  My husband joined me in this and he has lost 27 pounds.  Move and improve gave me the incentive to I needed to get healthy. 

From a Move and Improve Participant
“Just wanted to say that this was great for me.  I went from a BMI of clinically overweight to within the normal range. I feel so much better!”

From a Move and Improve Participant
What a wonderful program (Move and Improve).  It has actually made me feel that I have had to exercise 45 minutes, five times a week or else I would be breaking a promise to the program and to myself.  I have been "weight-control challenged" for many years, due in part to lack of exercise.  The first six weeks I did not combine diet control, I just increased my activity.  I did lose some but very slowly--I kept saying I was building muscle and muscle weighs more.  Before M & I, I had difficulty breathing normal at the top of the stairs after going from Level 1 to Level 2.  I find that I can now go from Level 1 to Level 4 without dying at the top of the stairs.  I appreciate this difference.  For the past four weeks, I combined diet and exercise and have now lost over 10 pounds.  I am very pleased with the success and plan on continuing the diet and exercise regime.  Thanks for having such a program.  Is it only once a year????

From a Move and Improve Participant
I would like to tell you how much Move and Improve helped me start a new lifestyle I really did not think I would go through with it again but to my surprise I did and I started to loose a few pounds when I started seeing pounds come off I also started eating better and to this Day I have lost 30 pounds and I thank move and improve for giving me an outlet to explore a healthier lifestyle that I plan on keeping forever!  Thank you again and I will be joining next year

From a Move and Improve Participant
It has been great participating in this.  It has helped me these past few years log my miles as I prepared for the Boston Marathon.  The calendar has really worked for me.

From a Work Site Coordinator
“Those who have used the web site and registration find it very user friendly, which in turn I appreciate by making my job a little easier”

From a Community Organization
“Every year employees are anxiously awaiting for March to come around for Move and Improve to start up.  It is a great program to get people motivated to exercise and to get fit for Summer.” 

From a Small Corporate Site Coordinator
“We have 19 people at my office and all but two agreed to sign up for Move & Improve this year!  Just yesterday, I had a 15-minute chat with the CFO about how much he enjoys his new membership at the local fitness center and how relaxed he feels after having worked out.”

From a Medical Care Coordinator
“We are having a wonderfully fun time with the program. Everyone at --- eagerly participates so it makes my job very easy and very fun.”

From a School Site Coordinator
“I just wanted to mention what a great program this is, and I'm so glad the XYZ has been a part of it.  We have several staff members who did very little exercising before this began, and they have actually become the "die-hards" of the M&I program.  Thanks so much for all your hard work and we can't wait to do this again next year!”

From a School Site Coordinator
“We had kick-offs in each of the schools. The admin gave us money for prizes (all activity related) which we put on display for the students at the assemblies. The superintendent has offered a day off with pay for the staff and he will do their job for the day for the staff winner. The superintendent has spoken to all staff encouraging them to participate themselves and to encourage them to get their students moving during the day. 

From a School Site Coordinator
I love the on line graphs and activity logs--how easy is that!”

From a Healthcare Site Coordinator
Personally, I started to lose weight, then came to a standstill, but have been able to move to the next thinner hole on my belt. In an effort to keep the rest of the employees motivated, I got a crew cut and told them I was going to do whatever I could to lose weight, including cut off all my hair. It brought a lot of laughter, but it was worth it!

From a University Site Coordinator
Personally, I have been faithfully doing 30 minutes at least 5 times a week on my treadmill.  I am experiencing an increase in energy and strength.  I also have lost ten pounds due to the added exercise without dieting.