Site Participation

What is a Move and Improve site? 
A participating site within Move and Improve is an organized group of individuals generally representing Work Sites, School Sites, Community Sites and sometimes “Other” sites if they do not fall within one of the three previously listed groups.

What are the advantages of participating as a site?
By participating as a site, you can encourage individuals to work together (yet still independently) towards a healthier lifestyle through increased physical activity. Many people enjoy being part of an organized initiative that leads towards a stronger rate of adherence and accountability and of course a healthier lifestyle.  Sites have the flexibility to administer the program based on how they think their participants would best receive the program. For example:
  • A site may decide to turn the Move and Improve program into a competitive initiative by challenging departments to see who can accumulate the most minutes or see who has the most registered and completing the program.
  • Some sites may prefer to take a non-competitive route by encouraging each individual to challenge themselves and ultimately take ownership of their own program.
  • Other sites may want to include family members while some sites may want to be more restrictive.
  • Sites may want to offer weekly activities such as walking opportunities or perhaps have their own weekly prize drawings for participants who have been working toward/achieving goals.
The choice is up to each site! This is the beauty of Move and Improve as it offers a great deal of flexibility along with some basic structure.

What are the benefits of being the site coordinator?
  • The site coordinator has the wonderful opportunity to ignite excitement about the program to potential site participants. Some coordinators may want to establish a wellness team to help spread the word or engage an already established wellness team.
  • The coordinator can decide if their site will register individuals for the program or simply as a group.
  • As a site coordinator, you will be offered a higher level of access to the website that allows you to track your site participant’s progress towards their goals.
  • Coordinators will have the ability to register individuals who may not have the ability to enter a registration online.
  • The coordinator will be the first line of information dissemination to their participants.
How do I get my site involved?
  • First, identify someone who will be the “Site Coordinator” ~ the primary person responsible for organizing Move and Improve within your site and who will be the key person the program maintains correspondence.
  • Second, register yourself and then your site (information regarding how to register will be available in November). You can also contact Nicole Hammar (Move and Improve Program Coordinator) at 207-973-7245 or
  • Your site coordinator will have the opportunity to attend a 1 hour training session and receive training materials for program implementation. If your coordinator is unable to attend the training, materials will be sent to you via mail/email, also a one on one training session can be arranged via the phone.
  • The site coordinator then takes the training and materials back to their site for implementation.
Can my site participate without actually having to register individuals for the program?
Sure! As a site coordinator you can decide how your site participants will participate in Move and Improve. There are two options:
  1. Register your site and have individuals register themselves and select your site as their participating site affiliation.
  2. Register your site as a “Group” ~ sum number of participants not requiring individual registrations.
For example:  Let’s say the following school site (called XYZ Middle School) wants to register for Move and Improve as a “group” versus as “individuals”
  • There still needs to be a site coordinator to act as a liaison between the school site and Move and Improve
  • School sites need to follow your school sites guidelines for student participation in activities such as Move and Improve
  • Identify how many students will be working toward each goal and enter those numbers into the website
  • 10 (participating students or staff) at the 4 day, 30 minute goal
  • 290 (participating students or staff) at the 5 day, 30 minute goal
  • 50 (participating students or staff) at the 5 day, 45 minute goal

If you are a work site or community site and would like to register your site as a "Group" - sum number of participants.  You simply need to follow your sites rules and regulations concerning participation in such activities as Move and Improve and enter the Sum Number of participating individuals online.

Click here to learn how to register yourself as site coordinator for a site within Move and Improve.