2017 Random Prize Winners

Congratulations to everyone who worked toward achieving improved health and wellness through Move and Improve 2017! We hope that you will continue to move and improve through the remainder of the year and beyond!

We conducted the random prize drawing and the recipients are as follows (please note that we are still in the process of contacting individuals and groups who will be listed once contacted):

Seven Individual Participants randomly selected to win $100 each are:
  • Christine Bragdon
  • Stephanie McNally
  • Cheryl Parker
  • Trisha Gotreau
  • James Libby
  • Thea Youngs
  • Amie Tucker

School Site Receiving $500 is:
  • Brewer Community School

Community, Work or Other Site receive $200 is:
  • Penobscot Valley Industries, Amicus

Site Coordinator/Team Captain Random Prize Drawing:
  • Martha Talbot

Keep moving to improve!


Nicole Hammar, Move and Improve Coordinator